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JICC / BATAN Joint International WSPEEDI Workshop


An international workshop on Emergency Preparedness against the radioactive release due to nuclear accidents in NPP was organized jointly by JICC and BATAN, and held on March 4 through March 6 in Serpong, Indonesia, inviting associated people from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam. A lot of people from Indonesia also participated in the workshop.
Japanese experts from Japan not only on WSPEEDI system but also on the social impacts from the Fukushima nuclear accidents made lectures and perform the demonstration of WSPEEDI system to have the participants understand WSPEEDI and promote the recognitions of the need for such emergency preparedness systems. Also a technical tour to the BATAN Serpong institute was arranged by BATAN.
On the following day on March 7, Fukushima nuclear accident seminar was held in BATAN Headquarter in Jakarta, and lectures by Japanese experts and discussions were conducted for further information exchange on Fukushima events.

JICC/BATAN Joint International WSPEEDI Workshop