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IAEA / JICC Mentoring Course


The first Mentoring Course organized jointly by IAEA and JICC was held in Japan for two weeks on July 9 through July 20, 2012.
IAEA Mentoring Course is a human resource development and training activity eligible to future policy-makers for nuclear power program in emerging countries. The latest ones were held three times in Korea. The features of this program is that a mentor is assigned for a few mentees and then the mentors and mentees join together all the way during the course schedule to make an intimate communication among them and enforce the achievements of the training course.
In the mentoring course this time, 10 mentees from 7 countries, such as Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam were invited to Japan, and 4 mentors were assigned from former employees of JAEA or else. In order to introduce Japanese nuclear related technologies including disaster prevention, tours to a nuclear power plant, an off-site center, a nuclear fuel cycle facility, a reactor vendor, a nuclear fuel manufacturer and a hot-lab facility were arranged. Lectures by experts on Japanese nuclear energy policy, history of Japanese nuclear technology development and human resource development activity in Vietnam were held. In addition, visits to disaster areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Hirono-machi in Fukushima Prefecture to know the actual environmental restorations from the Fukushima nuclear accident.

IAEA/JICC Mentoring Course 1
IAEA/JICC Mentoring Course 2